Thursday, November 19, 2009

UC Tuition Hike

Good for them. It is nice to see that some students won't stand to be jerked around. UC students protested a 32% tuition hike today. Although it did nothing but create a scene, at least some students finally reached their breaking point and perhaps will begin to see the reality of higher education.

I found the following quotes interesting:
"Among them was Tommy Le, a fourth-year student at UC Santa Cruz, who left his campus at 3 a.m. today in a convoy of two buses headed south. Le, 21, an American studies major from El Monte, said he was worried about how he being able to afford the higher charges, starting with an additional $585 for the rest of the school year."
If you think things are bad now, Mr. Le, just wait till you get out into the job market and see what that American Studies degree does for you.
“I can’t afford it,” said Guerrero, who wore a red bandanna across her face. “They (the regents) don’t care. They’re laughing at us.”
Of course they are laughing at you because the majority of students will just sit by and take the hit. The protesting may be cute but in the end the board knows the students and their parents are too addicted to the higher education dream to just quit now-especially when so close to completing a degree. The board knows they can get away with anything.

I found in other articles (here and here) the following quotes:
Ayanna Moody, a second-year prelaw student, said she feared she might have to attend a community college next year.
Heaven forbid you have to attend a community college. Its like saying you might have to shop at Walmart because the mall keeps raising prices. You will still get what you need at Walmart just the same as you would the mall. The problem is they aren't getting what they want--a designer education or designer clothes. Your education will not be cheapened just because you are going to community college. I once had a community college professor who was a Harvard graduate and said that with him we were getting "a Harvard education at a Kmart price". True indeed.

"We are bailing out the banks, we are bailing out Wall Street. Where is the bailout for public education?" asked UCLA graduate student Sonja Diaz.

This is the scariest quote because it proves the mentality of the generation. Growing up in a world where all they have known is bailouts from both society and their parents they think it is to be expected. Allthewhile not caring or knowing where this money comes from as long as it is not from them.

University of California, Irvine, economics student Sarah Bana told the board,

"You are jeopardizing California's future."

California was jeopardized long, long ago. Accept your losses, go to community college (if any), and move to another state.

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Linda K said...

So what would it take for all UC students to say - bye bye? And then what would happen? They could turn all that valuable real estate into housing for all the homeless which would of course include all the ex-students who can't find jobs in CA.