Friday, February 12, 2010

Evil Spilling Over

Now that I have done several postings on Anti-Suffrage issues, I want to take a moment to pause and reflect. What I thought would be just a simple matter of whether women should vote or not has turned into so much more. It has become obvious that the woman's vote opened a Pandora's box that has led us to a point of no return.

The Garden of Eden scenario seems to play out again and again.  After The Fall there have been mini falls; crossroads at which we could choose to obey God, through man, or choose the path of the serpent. The very nature of a woman to want what she does not have, thereby, leaves the door open for temptation. With the vote, this time the serpent offered the woman that she could be "like Man" and not only would she know good and evil, now she has the chance to eradicate that evil through her vote. Deceived again. Man had a long hard battle trying to keep the serpent at bay, but in the end the Man caved in and gave her the vote. Again, God is left saying to the Man "where are you?". "I put you in charge of woman and again you let her outsmart you."

It seems that the men of the time who enthusiastically supported woman's vote were probably the progressives who really wanted to radically restructure the country. They did not care about women per se, instead, they just saw her as a means to an end. Through women voting they could obtain their goals of big government. Our enemy is not Man, but evil. Evil "prowls around like a roaring lion looking for something to devour" (1 Peter 5:8).  This is how evil operates, it roams around from person to person looking for something to devour; in this case women--virtuous women. Modern women have been hollowed out by evil and whats left is women, in form alone. That is why 1 Peter 5:8 also says, "be self-controlled and alert", so that we won't be deceived. It is our only defense.

Evil has been devouring our country for the past 100 years.  It was then that we stopped being a Christian nation. Although it is claimed that we still are, and there are ample churches about, the Christianity of today is a perversion of its former self.  Almost every ill of our modern society can be traced back to 1920 or in general to the progressive era.

Being a bit of a Titanic Historian, I was reminded of this quote which perfectly captures the turning point of our country:
"There was peace and the world had an even tenor to it's way. Nothing was revealed in the morning the trend of which was not known the night before. It seems to me that the disaster about to occur was the event that not only made the world rub it's eyes and awake but woke it with a start keeping it moving at a rapidly accelerating pace ever since with less and less peace, satisfaction and happiness. To my mind the world of today awoke April 15th, 1912."
-Jack B. Thayer, Titanic Survivor
The progressive movement really awoke at this time period. The gilded age came to an end and the world began to unravel. The woman's vote was just one part of the unraveling. With the Titanic, we stopped putting our faith in God and instead placed it in man.What did we get? A sunk ship and now a sinking country. As a deck hand commented, "God himself could not sink this ship"! Many of us think the same thing of our country. That we are invincible. We think that all the laws, regulations, and spending are water-tight doors. We think if anything shall rip a hole in our country that the spending will keep us afloat. Evil has been pooling up for over one hundred years and our bulkheads can only hold so much evil before it begins to spill over. However, unlike the Titanic, our country, being built by God, was not built with design flaws. Instead, we created the flaws through our own arrogance, just like we created human flaws through our disobedience. I believe the image below shows why our survival as a nation looks bleak.

The Titanic disaster was a series of unfortunate events. One of the leading causes was the poor quality of iron used in her rivets. Iron and steel seem strong, but when filled with impurities, its strength in an illusion. On the outside Americans appear strong and solid, but impurities, evil, has corrupted our soul. The rivets hold the ship together and the people hold the country together. It is in God's hand now to determine whether there are enough pure men and women left to keep the country afloat. Sadly though, even if there are, that alone will not stop the other unfortunate events.

The iceberg that pierced our 'believed' strong hull and let evil seep in was the progressive era and all that went along with it, i.e, woman's vote. Since that time various evil causes and movements have filled the bulkheads and they are about to spill over.We can still float with only two bulkheads filled, but the evil is too much and the bulkheads are flawed. Eventually, as we are going down, the country will split in two. One side will flood more quickly with evil and it will sink first. The other side will level out, bob around, and appear to be stable, but it too will eventually flood and go under.


To some, this may seem like gloom and doom; but to Christians who are ever faithful in God's plan, we can rest assured that those who are still pure will continue to make up the rivets of His Kingdom in Heaven.


vysota said...

We'll all play the world's smallest violin. :) Enjoy the ride!

Elusive Wapiti said...

"Through women voting they could obtain their goals of big government."

Yes. They knew who they could count on to give them the power to realize their communitarian dreams.

This is not to let men off the hook; rather, it is to remind us that early 20th century totalitarians depended on the women's vote to vault them into power.

Also, I like your titanic analogy.

Linda K said...

Just as they now are looking for the illegal immigrant vote to grab more power.

MarkyMark said...


I can't remember where I saw this (it was on my old computer, which died; I don't have any bookmark), but I read something about an exchange between a progressive and Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Susan B. Anthony. Basically, the the woman told the man that, if he helped get women the vote, then she (i.e. she and her fellow women) would deliver socialism to him in exchange.

BTW, the Titanic analogy was excellent! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite haunts in cyberspace...


Laura said...

Exactly. Well said, as always.

Good point!

I found it!! At least something close to what you were saying. I just posted it in the library. It is a 1908 article that says the following at the end:
"Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton said at a meeting one time that if men did not grant women what they wished they would rise up as labor, the socialists, and the anarchists, had done, and there would be a revolution like that in France."

The article also says, "a curious alliance has sprung up between the suffragettes and the socialists."

I googled both of their names with socialism and a lot of other hits came up as well.

Also, that was quite the compliment, thank you. When I was working, I never had the time or energy to put into the posts as I do now.

J. Durden said...

Laura, I didn't get a chance to read your post, but I thought today would be a fitting day to drop by and give you a special greeting:

Happy Valentine's Day!

J. Durden

Jennifer said...

"God is left saying to the Man "where are you?". "I put you in charge of woman and again you let her outsmart you."

Where did God put Adam in charge of woman? He didn't, and Adam was the first rationalization rodent to exist: he blamed his wife. She shifted blame too, but not on her finger-pointing husband.