Monday, October 31, 2011

Lack of Good Men to Blame for Mean Women

Why are women mean, cruel, heartless, and competitive? Because of no good men of course. This is just another attempt to blame men for women's poor behavior and failure to accept responsibility for their own actions.

The most hilarious part:

"Even women's success over men in education and the job market is fuelling the Mean Girls trend.
Though women are delivering higher academic scores than their male counterparts, colleges are limited in female admissions as they must adhere to rules stipulating a fair 'gender balance'.
'Individual women aren't just being victimized by these preferential admissions policies, but their relationships with their female peers,' he writes."

Women's own success is making them mean and the very policies women demanded for equality in admissions is making them this way!
The comments to the article overwhelmingly get what is going on:

"As a women who has lived in dorms with other women, went to an all female high school, and worked in women-dominated fields, I can honestly say that women LIVE for competition. I EMPATHIZE with men who have to choose from a dating pool of self-absorbed, materialistic, status-obsessed phonies. They hate themselves and they hate each other and then try to pin the blame on men for all this hatred. Let's leave men out of it this time. The truth of the matter is: WOMEN ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMIES."
"Only going to get worse until the courts get straightened out. I am 36, fit, with a good paying job and home. Could have been married twice, but what's the point? 50-60% of marriages end in divorce anyways and who gets the shaft? The man. "I need to go find myself, so I want a divorce. By the way, I am taking the house, the kids, the car and 1/2 to 1/3 of your income. Have a nice life!" Yeah that sounds like something I want to be a part of"

"There are plenty of good men. Our entire lives, women have manipulated us and rejected us in favor of thugs and players. As we have gotten older, we have become aware of the colossal unfairness men endure in the divorce courts. And we are keenly aware that a relationship with a woman puts us at the mercy of a nasty shrew who can have us arrested, or worse, at the pointing of a finger. We, the good men, are out there but we know better than to have anything to do with women. Enjoy spinsterhood and cats, ladies. You've earned it."

"Plenty of good men, they are just avoiding women."


Ping Jockey said...

'Good men know better' is RIGHT!
For men nowadays, marriage has become nothing more than the entrance to the Gates of Hell, and a start down a slow, painful path to divorce and (in all probability) eventual suicide.

The "walk down the aisle" hasn't become known as "the walk to the gallows" and "the Path of Doom" for nothing!

Real Men try to keep friends from marrying in 2011.

The Cottage Child said...

It's interesting, isn't it, that women take credit for being civilizing and stabilizing forces? Left to our own devices, cannibalistic sounds more like it.

James said...

Sounds like most women don't really care if men want to marry or not. Those men and women who aren't interested in marrying, simply shouldn't.

The ones who want to marry will find each other. I've been married for 23 years and am much better off for it.

Justin said...

That is very interesting that girls are being "victimized" by laws requiring gender-equality in admission numbers.

As if all that needless "academic grinding" during high school matters at all. Turns out the guy with the 3.2 is getting in the same college as the girl with the 4.0. Too funny.

Will S. said...


Anonymous said...

If you go to Youtube and view the video by Greg Kihn "Our Love's in Jepordy", the wedding car is a hearse. This came out in circa 1983. This is what most marriages compare to these days sadly.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Part of me checks in just to see if you are still here, LOL.

And then I see posts like this one and I have to chime in and echo comments like Cottage Child's.

I see not evidence that a culture where women are primarily responsible for maintaining stability is a culture I'd want to be a part of.

Chris said...

Sounds like a lot of readers of this blog have been unsuccessful in marriage.

I've found that sharing my life with my spouse a wonderfully joyous journey. It has very little to do with money and everything to do with mutual respect and trust.

Good marriages are possible (and wonderful!)

MarkyMark said...


I saw the following quip on Mancoat some time ago when we tore apart one of these 'where did all the good men go?' pieces. The quip is: where did all the good men go? Where all the good women went...


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Interesting comment Chris, as all of the women who've commented here are happily married. Including our esteemed hostess.

Anonymous said...

For many decades, studies have shown school grades at any level have no correlation at all with performance in the real world. So, who cares if women get higher grades? If you want an important job done, find a competent man, sarcasm definitely intended.

In the 90's, I asked one of the wisest men I know, why do these feminists not know that most men are good men?

He said they can't know it. They only associate with other man-haters. Good men will have nothing to do with them, nor will women married to good men.

Thus, they cannot know any good men, even when they are surrounded by them.

Anonymous age 69

rmaxd said...

Can you even class marriage as a success for men today? ...

Chris arent you legally at the mercy of your wife, even if you're blissfully married?

rmaxd said...

Anon 69,

You're right, women are essentially a leisure class in most societies

No offence intended to the great women on this blog ...

& what they study & how they work tends to reflect their standing as a leisure class

ie. modern women in india actively refuse stem fields & hard labour & use marriage as an excuse not to get a decent job

Basically using marriage as a get out of life card

Unfortunately this is where I depart from most traditionalists such as Laura

I dont believe women should be stayathome moms

Women are designed to work & function in massive social networks, being a stayathome mom, deprives a woman from working in a massive social environment

Nor do i think women should work in a corporate environment

As corporate environments are too male orientated & too competitive biologically for women to participate in

Their biology clearly prevents them from working in a corporate environment

To find the ultimate environment for women to succeed financially & raise children in, you need to move away from modern women in general

ie you need to move away from the 1950's housewife & move away from the victorian & post medieval maid

You need to look at indian women in villages & look at how much more succesful they are in raising finances & raising their children

Compared to stayathome moms in indian cities, who are hundreds of times more dependant on their husbands financially

The financial success of the traditional indan villager isnt because of her feminism, it is because of the massive nucleur family & social network of the village

Which satisfies her need to work, which is really interacting on the physical assets provided as a result of her social network & nuclear family & raising a child

When she works she's always in touch with her children & she has constant reinforcement of her need for a real social network to participate in

Women essentially dont work, not in the same way men do

Women interact in massive nuclear social networks, which serves as a safety net for their children & finances, & their need to constantly reinforce a social environment

It is this very real need for women to be part of what is a tribal nuclear family, with hundreds of relatives & close friends for her to interact, & work financially in close proximity of her children

This need to be part of a village, which is stripped away from women as stayathome moms & corporate wage slaves

I dont believe women are essentially irrational or emotional they just need a large social nuclear family environment, to act as feedback

Ie. They need a much larger social feedback system for women to function correctly, then men

This is where things are going anyway as the economy & police states becomes more violent, communities & tribalism will be forced back to make up for the increased poverty & violence

Laura Grace Robins said...


"I dont believe women should be stayathome moms."

I actually have mixed views on SAHMs and don't always neatly fall into typical traditionalist thinking. While I think it is the best scenario, it is not always realistic in our fallen world. In the 3 years I have done this blog, I have gone from varying extremes, but ultimately what I always come back as being the most important is listening to your husband needs, vision for the family, and following his lead. Clinging to closely to a 50's homemaker image can set one up for disappointment and lead to marital strife, especially if that is not the sort of wife he needs. Sometimes the need to supplement income overrides the perfectly polished floors.

"Nor do i think women should work in a corporate environment

As corporate environments are too male orientated & too competitive biologically for women to participate in

Their biology clearly prevents them from working in a corporate environment"

I largely agree, although, I think women are attracted to such an environment for drama and gossip.

"Women interact in massive nuclear social networks, which serves as a safety net for their children & finances, & their need to constantly reinforce a social environment

This need to be part of a village, which is stripped away from women as stayathome moms & corporate wage slaves"

I wonder if this is why women are so involved/addicted to facebook and even blogging. While it is faux attempt at a real social network, its often the next best thing.

rmaxd said...

Hi laura,
thnx for clearing up your views on stayathome moms

I'm not sure if your the same Laura who runs thethinkinghousewife

If you are,
I just wanted to say I made the mistake of mistaking yourself as a conservative traditionalist

I made some disparaging comments on antifeminists site

& wanted to apologise if i offended you in anyway

thethinkinghousewife & your site fullofgracewithsalt

Are an amazing resource & your posts & comments are always insightful & refreshing

& are always insightful to both men & women in their honesty, to the point your sites are in fact essential reads for MRA's & gender politics

again apologies for any misunderstanding & offence it might have caused on my part

I cant help but say, it is refreshing to find a christian willing to find the truths in christianity & traditionalism

& apply the very real relevance to their life & wisdom

Most christians simply follow the culture of being a christian,

which ive found is a commonality with most religions, rather then apply or seek the real truths in their religion

If there were more openly traditional, which there are here in london, christians who were savvy enough & able to differentiate between social indoctrination through social cultural norms

& their christianity, I would most likely still be a christian

I'd love to go back to being a christian, its just not something i can do on my own

What most ppl dont realise, especially those opposed to religion

It isnt religion or its traditions which needs to be taken into account

As religion & tradition have literally centuries of science & cultural development behind them

They are essentially social technologies, obviously they go alot deeper then a technology

What most ppl need to beware of are modern christianity or surface christianity

As theyre not about religion, or the worship or the insights of spirituality

Modern christianity or surface christianity are really about the worship of the culture of christianity

It is this cultural trait of christianity which is infiltrated by feminism & fascism through liberalism

Religion is absolute precisely because of its technological development through centuries of revision & adaptation to the needs of what works for humanity

It is first & foremost, the adaptation & social structure of the needs of the human condition

It is in fact, the only institute, a concentrated effort through the ages designed to allow for the none-evolutionary adaptation of the human condition

It is this allowance for adaptation which brings up the importance of morality & the importance of the ethics of a social structure, as tradition

This allowance isnt seen often in other competing social structures, such as politics or economics, hence modern culture

Laura Grace Robins said...

"I'm not sure if your the same Laura who runs thethinkinghousewife"

No, I am not. The mistake has been made before and while our views may be similar are some matters, I don't agree with everything.

rmaxd said...

Ah ok,
I'll just have to contact her via email, being new to manosphere has its drawbacks lol

Also thnx for your commentary,

I dont disparage stayathome moms to that much of a degree either, as you eloquently put it, it all depends on the needs of the family

But on the whole i really dont see much place for women in todays society, which is why women seem to have so much trouble in modern life

Again i dont mean to disparage the great women on this blog, i mean as part of being a nuclear family & a large social network, women have grown over the centuries to biologically connect with

Women obviously contribute to modern day culture

Those types of social norms are deliberately discouraged as society is designed to exploit, not allow for biology

Modern society is really setup to test the survivability & exploit the adaptibility of men in severe environments such as corporatism, factories & military, which is why it so ruthless & competitive

"I wonder if this is why women are so involved/addicted to facebook and even blogging. While it is faux attempt at a real social network, its often the next best thing."

I call this a void gap, in women & it is quite sad to see women try to fill the void of a large nuclear family, most modern women will never experience

While their 3rd world counterparts are hundreds of times more liberated in their poverty stricken extended families, as they take on hundreds of roles as part of a social network with ease

I wouldnt call facebook as the next best thing, i think it merely placates her need for a village, thinking it has been satisfied

Society is usually controlled by placating the normal biology to prevent them from realising their true biology, ie single moms & government, men & sports, welfare

Thnx again for a great blog & your always insightful commentary

Jennifer said...

"Women obviously contribute to modern day culture"

LOL That's certainly not what you said in the newer posts.