Friday, November 4, 2011

Men Thrashing Around

In reaction to more men living at home, "men sort of thrash around a bit" is the latest expression for those who allegedly refuse to grow up. Charming.

 “Women mature at a younger age so they are probably more able to hold down a job and pay the rent,” she said. “Men sort of thrash around a bit.”

It could easily be suggested that women are so mature that they no longer need men or marriage (and this is suppose to a be good thing). Maturity in our modern world is defined by dependence from needing anyone or anything.

In a related article, we learn that only women with low self-esteem would date a man in a hardship situation.
"I'd also contend that, for a man, living with one's parents doesn't necessarily kill one's dating life, either. Since most women have their own places and many women have low self-esteem, nowadays the number of women who absolutely wouldn't date a man driven by hardship to live at home is dwindling."
How the times have changed. A modern woman is not there to support her man in hard times unless she is a woman with low self-esteem. Because clearly a mature woman with high self-esteem, who knows better, with moxie and girl power, would only stay with and support a man during the good times.


Anonymous said...

Why should a girl "stay and support" every guy she happens to be dating?

Anonymous said...

. <-- The point

o <-- Anonymous' head

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if men "stayed and supported" the children they gave birth to. Yet women must "stay and support" every guy they have coffee with.

Double standard, anyone?

Justin said...

I see this a good trend. I hope my children, both sons and daughters, stay home until they are ready to establish their own families. Why should these young women be proud to be blowing $1000+ per month on rent and other living expenses? That is money they should be saving.

As for men "thrashing about", well, definite man-hatred showing through there. Women in the same situation are "victims of unemployment and/or labor market discrimination" (or whatever). All those young men desperately looking for jobs to fulfill their self worth and get a start on life, well, they are just "thrashing about". Nice.

Professor Hale said...

Women mature at a younger age...

I have been hearing this since I was a kid and accepting it just like all the other crap I learned in school without question. But now that I question a lot of things, I can find no objective measure that makes this a true statement. Looking at the total population, Men and women mature about equally. And since there is no definitive line between mature and "not yet", those on both sides of the line can easily pass for mature or not depending on the occasion.