Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've Moved to Wordpress! Check out unmaskingfeminism.wordpress.com

I have long wanted to move this site to Wordpress and change the site name to "Unmasking Feminism".  So, here you have it: 

It was an easier process than I thought and I am already loving all the new features. Be sure to check out the "Museum" tab as this is going to be an archive for all the historical images I have found. I would also like to add a tab of PDFs from all of the AFU series.  

Feel free to update your blogrolls to the new site and spread the word.  I realize its a hassle and is one reason why I delayed  making the switch.  Thanks for your help. I will also be leaving this site up so that readers can be rerouted. 

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AWC said...

Here's a new blog: Occam's Razor


It has multiple bloggers and will include topics: religion, philosophy, HBD, politics, history and economics, immigration, etc.

We are still working on blogroll. If we do not have you added, please add us, leave comment or email, and we'll add you.